Registration For Poku’s Warhammer Tournament

Summer 2022

Welcome! This is Poku’s first Warhammer tournament and we want to start of casual and fun. If you are looking for a more competitive and strict style of play, we would love to see you in a later tournament with everything in order and after Games Workshops official tournament rules.

The tournament will take place at Poku Spill og Hobby between June 27 and July 2.

General tournament rules:
– Warhammer 40K, 9th edition
– Max 1000 points
– Assembled models but not necessarily painted
– Proxys allowed within reasonable terms (E.g. a similar GW-model on same base size as the original)

– Battlefield size: 30×44 inches
– Updated game rules published from GW after registration deadline is not used.

Any questions can be sent to, Facebook messenger or posted in our Discord channel.